History and Night activities


Gifu Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River

It is a restored mountain castle located at an altitude of 329m that was considered an impregnable castle. There were a well-known military general residing in the castle who hoped to unify the whole country. The scenery can be seen from the top floor is very beautiful, and sometimes it is open at night, so you can enjoy the night view. [Gifu cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method with a history of more than 1,300 years, used by cormorant fishermen training cormorants to nab fish. The sight of the cormorants catching fish up close is truly impressive.]

[Access] Get off at JR Gifu Station
Take the Gifu Bus for about 20 minutes, get off at Nagarabashi Bus Stop and walk for a minute.[Homepage] https://www.ukai 


Mt. Kinka Ropeway and Gifu Castle

During Golden Week and mid-July to every day of August/weekends and holidays in September and October/please check the website regarding periods aside from these

[Access] Get off at JR Gifu Station
Take the Gifu Bus for about 15 minutes, get off at the “Gifu Koen Rekishi Hakubutsukan Mae” bus stop, take the ropeway in Gifu Park and walk for about 15 minutes.”[Homepage]


Tamamiya Street

Nowadays, with more than 400 restaurants, 'Takamiya' is a town where the food tourism continue to expand. It is the perfect place for 'Izakaya Hopping'.

[Access] JR
 Get off at Gifu Station and walk for a few minutes.”[Homepage]