Recommended spots in Omachi


Water activities

Do you like canoeing, standup paddleboarding, boating, motorboating, kayaking, windsurfing, and other activities? At Lake Kizaki where the water is clean and clear, you can try these activities and enjoy the great outdoors.

[Access] Lake Kizaki
● 50 minutes by car via Azumino IC● Take the Omachi Citizens' Bus 'Fureaigo' (bound for Lake Aoki) at Shinano-Omachi Station for 25 mins and get off at Yupuru Lake Kazaki bus stop.[Homepage]


“Shaved ice” with local milk

Once a salt wholesaler, “Shio no Michi Choji-ya” offers shaved ice made with milk from Matsuda Farm in the city. The rich milk taste and fluffy texture will easily become a habit.

[Access] Shio no Michi Choji-ya● 40 minutes by car via Azumino IC● 7-minute walk from Shinano-Omachi Station[Homepage]


Omachi Alpine Museum

The museum shows the nature and the history of mountain climbing in the Northern Alps. There is also an exhibition of Japan’s special natural monument, the Rock Ptarmigan, as well as a garden that contributes to the display and research of flora and fauna and the conservation of injured birds. It’s worth visiting.

[Access] Omachi Alpine Museum● 45 minutes by car via Azumino IC● 6 minutes by the tour bus “Gururin” from Shinano-Omachi Station[Homepage]。