Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Heal yourself and recharge your batteries at these places in Tateyama Kurobe filled with spiritual energy!!


Strolling at Shomyo Falls

Shomyo Falls’ drop is the tallest in Japan (350m). When the snow melts in June and July and after heavy rains, appears the “Hannoki Falls”, surpassing the Shomyo Falls with a drop of 500m. The two waterfalls flow down in a V-shape, is a trully impressive sight. Let the negative ions heal you!!

[Access] 20 minutes by bus from Tateyama Station → 30-minute walk [Homepage]


Taking a walk around “Mikuriga-ike”

Mikuriga-ike is a floating sky lake surrounded by 3000m mountains. With the beautiful three peaks of Tateyama reflected on the clear blue lake, Mikuriga-ike can heal anyone. It begins to show its true face from the last ten-day of June when the snow and ice melt, making it possible to enjoy various beautiful sceneries that you could not see before.

[Access] A 20-minute walk from Murodo Terminal 
Mikuriga-ike walking course: about an hour and a half [Homepage]


Nature therapy in Bijodaira

When you walk out of Bijodaira Station, you can immediately see the towering “Bijosugi” (Beautiful Woman Cedar), of the legend of the union between the man who opened Tateyama and his fiancé. If you go a little further, you will find many giant Takayama cedars aged hundreds of years. Experience the nature therapy and let your love come to fruition!

[Access] Bijosugi: a 1-minute walk from Bijodaira Station 
Bijodaira walking course: about an hour and a half[Homepage]