I want to know how to apply and join tours.


■STEP1 Choose a tour

Look for the tour which you want through TATECO.

You can also select from the tour list or guide list.


■STEP2 Apply for a tour(Tentative reservation)

When you decided a tour, click on “Sign up for tour” and fill in the items from the form.

After that, click “Submit”.


■STEP3 Automatic mail of confirmation


Automatic mail of confirmation (tentative reservation) is sent, so please check the contents.

Please note your reservation have not made completely at this point.

After that, you get a mail from the guide.

※ If you do not receive the confirmation email, please refer to 【I applied for a tour, but any reply does not arrive】.


■STEP4 Confirmation mail from a guide

You get  a mail from a guide and contact with him/her directly.


■STEP5 The tour day

Please come to the meeting place within meeting time.

If you are late or cancel the tour, please contact with your guide promptly.


Enjoy the tour with your guide!



What is Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route?


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of the best mountain resort in Japan.

The Alpine Route has two entrances, one of them is starting from Tateyama Station (Toyama side), the other is from Ogizawa Station (Nagano side).

Click here for more information.



What is the good point of joining tours and arranging guides?


By joining tour and walking with guide, you should be able to do unique experiences in Tateyama.

Besides, you can be relived  with a guide on safety management.




I applied for a tour, but any reply does not arrive.


If you do not receive e-mail, please check the contents below.

・The registered e-mail address is incorrect.

・Reception restriction is set.

・Mail from TATECO is automatically included in spam mail.

・The capacity of the mail reception box is over.

・Reception restriction for mail containing URL.

If you do not receive e-mail even if you have confirmed all the settings,

there is a possibility that restriction may be applied by your provider.

Please contact the provider in that case.


What kind of payment acceptable?


Payment method depends on activities.

For more details, please contact with each tour guides.



When will the cancellation fee be charged?


Cancellation policy depends on tours.

For more details, please contact with each tour guide.


In case of bad weather, will tours be canceled?


There is a possibility that tours to be canceled due to bad weather.

The judgement will be made by each guides, so please ask your tour guide directly.




I can't be in time of meeting.
I want to cancel my reservation in a hurry.


Please contact with your tour guide immediately.

Your guide is waiting for you.


Can I join a tour which is less than the minimum number of participants.
(I'm a single but I want to join a tour for more than 2 persons.)


There are cases that you can join it if other guests apply on the same day.

Please apply for the tour first, and wait for response from a guide.


Can we join tours in a group?


The maximum number of persons in each activities has been decided.

For more details, please ask each tour guides.