・Ashikuraji walk  
「 Legend and religion Tour 」

*Ashikuraji is a unique religious village in Toyama Prefecuture.
Lern the Legend and walk around the places . You will enjoy the special atmosphere .

・Oyama Shrine
This is one of three shrines of sacred mountain of Tateyama.
There is a grave of Jikou-syounin, who founded Tateyama as a sacred mountain, in the site of shrine.
It used to be one of the accommodations for the pilgrims who crimbed Tateyama mountain.
There is a big statue of "Enma-sama" who judges the dead people to send heaven or hell.
This red bridge is supposed to connect this world and the other world .
・ "Nunobashi-kanjyoue"
This is the ceremony held for the women when women were prohibited to
crimb up to Tateyama mountain.
It is now held once in every three years.

⦿ If you would like to see "Mandara Yuuen" , I'll guide you as a volunteer of Tateyama Museum for free of charge.
Admission is required.

History Culture
Participant Type
Solo Traveler
Small Group
Female Group

Tour Overview

Tour Date ・May 1 ~ November 30
*NO tour on Mondays
Number of people ・Up to 10 people.
Departure Time Schedule ・9am~14pm
Guide Eiko Murai
Required Time 2 Hours or Less
Guide Fee (pay to the guide) ◎1,5 hours Tour time can be changed , but tour fee does not change.

・Up to 10 People 5,000 yen

・under 6 years old is free ・No child fee
Included in Fee ・Guide fee  ・Guide transportation fee *Insurance premium is NOT included.
Guid is Not responsible for any accidents , so be sure to take out hiking insurance in advance.
Additional Fee (pay directly to the facility) ・If you would like to have lunch during the tour, please make an additional 1,500 yen or buy lunch for a guide.
What to Bring ・Rain gear ・Warm clothing ・Sunglasses ・Hat ・Gloves ・Drink ・Snack ・Walking shose ・Medicines  and anything you need.
Starting Place 。In front of Tateyama Museum
Finishing Place ・Around Youboukan
Cancellation Policy ・The cancellation fee until 17:00 the day before is free.
・The cancellation after 17:00 on the previous day must be paid in full.