Murodo Walking Tour

This is a walking tour of Murodo, the highlight of Tateyama.
You can walk while enjoying the wonderful scenery of alpine plants and high mountains.
The guided tour will deepen your understanding of the history of Tateyama, the glacial terrain, and the ecology of plants and ptarmigans.

Natural Environment
History Culture
Participant Type
Small Group

Tour Overview

Tour Date May 1st-Nov10th
Number of people 1-10 people
Departure Time Schedule 9:30 a.m.
Guide Ikuko Umemoto
Required Time 2 Hours or Less
Guide Fee (pay to the guide) 10000 yen/person
Included in Fee Guiding fee, Guide's transportation expenses
Additional Fee (pay directly to the facility) Your transportation fee, your lunch fee
What to Bring Rain wear, Trekking boots, Gloves, Sunglasses, Folding umbrella, Sunscreen
Starting Place Murodo Terminal
Finishing Place Murodo Terminal
Cancellation Policy 100% cancellation charge on the day of the tour