Goshikigahara Tour where alpine plants are in full bloom

Depart Murodo in the morning and head for Goshikigahara, where alpine plants are in full bloom. At Goshikigahara Sanso, relax on the benches outside while gazing at the mountains. The next day, return to Murodo the way you came.

Moutain Climbing
Participant Type
Solo Traveler
Small Group
Female Group

Tour Overview

Tour Date Two days from July 1st to September 30th. It is necessary to confirm whether the tour can be held on the desired date. Please feel free to contact us first.
Number of people 1 to 6
Departure Time Schedule 7am-9am
Guide Koji Kawajiri
Required Time Two Days or More
Guide Fee (pay to the guide) 86000 yen (amount to be paid to the guide). For example, if you apply with 4 people, each person will have to pay 20,000 yen. Your transportation and accommodation costs are separate.
Included in Fee Guide's daily allowance for 2 days (33,000 yen x 2), guide's transportation expenses and lodging in a mountain hut (1 night and 2 meals). Your transportation and accommodation costs are separate.
What to Bring Climbing shoes, rucksack, rain gear (separate top and bottom), gloves, hat, lunch, action food, water, cold weather gear, household medicine, etc. If you have light crampons *If you don't have shoes, a backpack, rain gear, or light crampons, you can rent them at Tateyama Station.
Starting Place Murodo Terminal 1F
Goshikigahara tour where alpine plants are in full bloom


Day 1・8:00

Departure from Murodo Terminal

9 o'clock

Ichinokoshi Sanso

10 o'clock

Mt. Jodo

12 o'clock

Shishidake 2714m


Zara Pass


Arrive at Goshikigahara Sanso

Second day, 6:30

Departure from Goshikigahara Sanso

7 o'clock

Zara Pass



11 o'clock

Mt. Jodo




Arrival at Murodo Terminal

We’re very sorry, but this tour is not currently accepting applications.