One-day Mt.Oyama climbing tour

Oyama, 3,003 meters, is one of Japan's three sacred mountains and is the pride of the people of Toyama Prefecture. Murodo Terminal is 2450M, so the altitude difference is 550M. Start in the morning and climb slowly. Walk while admiring the majestic scenery and alpine plants, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of reaching the summit. If you're lucky, you might even come across a rock ptarmigan.

Moutain Climbing
Participant Type
Solo Traveler
Small Group
Female Group

Tour Overview

It is necessary to confirm whether the tour can be held on the desired date. Please feel free to contact us first.
Number of people 1 to 9 people
Departure Time Schedule Between 8:00 and 9:00
Guide Koji Kawajiri
Required Time One Day
Guide Fee (pay to the guide) The guide fee is 32,000 yen per day plus the guide's transportation fee of 8,000 yen. Since the guide will receive the amount, for example, if you apply in a group of 4 people, the burden per person will be 10000 yen.
Additional Fee (pay directly to the facility) Your own transportation expenses, food expenses, etc.
What to Bring Climbing shoes, rucksack, rain gear (separate top and bottom), gloves, hat, lunch, action food, water, cold weather gear, household medicine, etc. *If you don't have shoes, rucksack, or rain gear, there are rentals at Tateyama Station.