Climbing Oyama (Mt.Tateyama)

Mt. Tateyama has been known as one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains" along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hakusan.
Oyama (3,003 m) is one of the summits of Mt. Tateyama.
There is Oyama Shrine at the summit of Oyama with panoramic views and the possibility of seeing Mt. Fuji, the Japanese Alps and Toyama Bay on a clear day.
The upper half of the trail from Murodo to Oyama is steep and rocky, so bacic hiking skills are requied there.

Moutain Climbing
Participant Type
Solo Traveler
Small Group
Female Group

Tour Overview

Tour Date 23,24,26,28 Sept.
Number of people 1 group (1 -5 people)
Departure Time Schedule 0800
Guide Yoshihiro Matsuda
Required Time One Day
Guide Fee (pay to the guide) 61000 JPY/group
Included in Fee Guide Fee, Accommodation Fee for guide, Travel Cost for guide (Accommodation Fee and Travel Cost for GUEST are NOT included)
What to Bring Backpack, Trekking boots, Rainwear (Water proof jacket and pants), Warm clothes (e.g. fleece, sweater, down jacket),
Quick-drying underwear, Socks, Gloves, Cap/Hat, Sunscreen, Money, Food and Drink



the night before

Meet at a Hut around Murodo Station


Leaving a Hut


Arriving at Oyama (Visit to Oyama shrine costs 500 JPY)


Leaving Oyama


Arriving at Murodo Station

We’re very sorry, but this tour is not currently accepting applications.