2019 Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Autumn Leaves Information ~2019紅葉情報~

[October 25]
Temperature at Murodo 5℃ (as of 13:00)



Syomyo fall : taken on Oct 24


Kurobe Dam : taken on Oct 24

Daikanbo : taken on Oct 10


Midagahara : taken on Oct 10


Kobo : taken on Oct 10


Murodo : taken on Oct 5


Daikanbo : taken on Oct 6


Kurobedaira : taken on Oct 7



Daikanbo : taken on Oct 3

Murodo : taken on Oct 1

Tengudaira : taken on Sep 30


Tengudaira : taken on Sep 26

Murodo : taken on Sep 24

Murodo : taken on Sep 14

Murodo : taken on Sep 10

Murodo : taken on Sep 2
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route’s Scenic Fall Colors

1. Fall colors over a long period!
Since the route has different elevations, you can see autumn leaves somewhere along the way from Mid September to Late October.

2. See the first snow and fall foliage at the same time! Tricolor autumn!
When the temperature falls during the autumn foliage season, snow may fall. You may then see fall leaves and fresh snow together.
If you’re lucky, you might even see three colors: The fresh, white snow on the mountain ridge, red fall leaves, and the green trees at the foot of the mountain.

3. Snow in November!
Snow can fall as early as late September, but the first snow usually falls in early October. It melts within a few days during this time.
From early to mid-November, the fallen snow accumulates and does not melt until spring.