Seasonal Attraction


Seasonal Attraction


The operating period for 2024 is as follows,

  • Full route (Dentetsu Toyama – Nagano) April 15th to November 30th,2024
  • The route is closed from December 1st to April 14th.

Murodo is the highest station on Mt.Tateyama. In years when snow fall comes early, snow can fall here in late September. This early snowfall usually melts away within 2 or 3 days. From early or mid-November, the snow no longer melts and Murodo is covered with a continuous blanket of snow that will not melt until spring. You can see the “Snowy World” aspect of Tateyama just before its winter lockout.


The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is located at an altitude of over 3000 meters. There is a noticeable difference in temperature compared with the surrounding plains.

Average monthly temperatures within the Alpine Route – Murodo
Month 11
Highest temperature 2°C (36°F)
Lowest temperature -5°C (23°F)

Winter Style

The temperature often drops below zero degrees Celsius, so please be prepared to stay warm. Waterproof shoes/boots may be a good idea to avoid slipping.

Other useful items
gloves, heat pads, scarf, woolly hat, neck warmer, sunglasses.

If you are going to Murodo to experience the new snowfall in November, we recommend Omachi IN.

In November, please be aware that due to bad weather—snowfall and high winds—service may be suspended for the Tateyama Kogen bus (Bijodaira-Murodo), and delays in the schedule are possible. For service conditions, please visit the top page of our website or ask local station officials. If you are going to Murodo to experience the new snowfall in November, we recommend Omachi IN. Hardly any of the vehicles on the Ogizawa-Murodo line will stop in Murodo due to the effects of the snow. With Omachi IN, you won’t be able to pass through if service on the Bijodaira – Murodo line is temporarily stopped, but you will be able to go to Murodo (via a round trip from Shinano-Omachi/Ogizawa to Murodo).