2024 Baggage Forwarding Service

Carrying your huge luggage is a hassle on the Alpine Route. Your luggage will be transferred from one place to another on the same day. With our baggage forwarding service, have a comfortable visit without worrying about your bags!
※ Please pay by cash.
※If you are sending your baggage from Dentetsu Toyama Station to Shinano Omachi Station, you cannot take an express bus for Nagano and get off at Shinano Omachi. Please take a local bus from Ogizawa to Shinano Omachi to pick up your baggage and then take an express bus from Shinano Omachi to Nagano. If you are purchasing a WEB ticket with an option ticket, please select a local bus from Ogizawa to Shinano Omachi. Click

The service is not available at Tateyama Station, Unazuki Onsen Station, Hotel Tateyama, or Midagahara Hotel.

Customers traveling from Ogizawa to Kurobe Dam/Murodo (round-trip)
The service is available between Shinano Omachi and Omachi Onsen for 1,500JPY (tax incl.) per item.

Service Period

Service available : April 15th – November 4th, 2024
No reservation is required. Please plan to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to departure.

Hotels in Omachi spa (Onsen)

Kurobe Kanko Hotel / Ryokan Kanoya / Tateyama Prince Hotel / Oribana / Hotel Yumenoyu / Ryokusui-tei KEISUI / Kurobe View Hotel / Alpine Route Hotel / Nanakuraso / Takenoya / Hoshino Resorts KAI Alps / ANA Holiday Inn Resort Shinano Omachi Kuroyon/Furusatomura Kogeikan/ HOTEL ROUTE INN SHINANO OMACHI EKIMAE

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We cannot, and will not be responsible for baggage including cash, valuables, and fragile materials.
Skis and snowboards cannot be handled.
Please be aware that there are times when we cannot forward baggage on time due to bad weather or road congestion.
Registration and administration takes time. There are times where you cannot get on the train at the last minute. Please arrive early to check your baggage so that you can be ready to depart, at least 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

●Regarding disclaimers,

We are not liable for damages or delay of baggage due to the following reasons.

  1. Baggage with defect
  2. Fire due to inevitable
  3. Traffic obstacles
  4. Disaster

※There is the case that we can’t accept baggage with defect as below.

  1. Damages of fragile things.
  2. Damages of overweight baggage.
  3. Damages due to inherent defects in baggage such as aging.
  4. Damages of baggage with protruded accessories.
  5. Minor damages (scratch, cut, dent, dirt).
  6. Damages of baggage which is not packed suitably with suitcase or other container.

●Regarding compensation,

We will repair for what is subject to be compensable.
However, there may be cases other than repair depending on the extent and timing of damages.

Please note there is the case that it may be out of compensation. (In case of applying above items)

How to Fill Out the Baggage Forwarding Tag

The tags are available at servicing hotels and stations.
Please fill them in using Japanese or English.


Guest’s name (if destination is a hotel)


Cellphone number in Japan


As some hotels have similar names, please check and write the name of your destination carefully.


It is possible that your baggage will be forwarded on the subsequent day, rather than the same day.