Rules & Etiquette

The Tateyama Kurobe area is a national park with protected flora and fauna and is universally popular. In order that people can thoroughly enjoy this beautiful nature in the future, please follow these 6 rules.

Rule #1

Please walk only on designated paths and do not enter the forests or flower meadow areas.

Rule #2

Please do not pick flowers.

Rule #3

Please take your garbage home with you.

Rule #4

Only use the toilets provided.

Rule #5

Please be careful of the following when climbing along the mountain ridges.

  • Pitch your tent only in designated areas.
  • The water at mountain huts along the ridge-line is collected rainwater, and is therefore a limited resource, so be careful with it and take care not to dirty the water source.
  • Fires are prohibited on the mountain. Be sure to confirm that the fire is extinguished in the huts.
  • Keep the lights turned off during the specified hours at each mountain hut.
  • Submit a mountain climbing form before climbing, in case an emergency should occur.

Rule #6

Please do not bring pets with you onto the mountain. To protect the delicate wildlife, please refrain from bringing pets under any circumstances.

Tateyama nature conservation center

Tel: +81-76-465-5213

Nature Preservation Division, Life & Environmental Affairs Department, Toyama Prefectural Government

Tel: +81-76-444-3398

Health Information

  • Some people experience headaches or ringing ears due to changes in altitude of 2000 meters. If you feel sick, please talk to a member of staff.
  • Wheelchairs are available at each station. Please contact a member of staff if you require assistance.
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are located at each station, Hotel Tateyama, and Midagahara Hotel.
  • Baby feeding rooms and baby bed facilities are not available at stations. If you need to feed or change your baby, please contact the station staff.