Dear Customers Taking the Express Bus Bound for Nagano

Thank you for traveling with us!
If you are taking an express bus from Ogizawa to Nagano, please make sure you won’t miss the last bus.

【 Express Bus Timetable 】
The express bus from Ogizawa to Nagano operates 5 departures each day as follows.

Ogizawa 10:30 ⇒ Nagano Station 12:15
Ogizawa 12:00 ⇒ Nagano Station 13:45
Ogizawa 14:40 ⇒ Nagano Station 16:25
Ogizawa 15:40 ⇒ Nagano Station 17:25
Ogizawa 17:00 ⇒ Nagano Station 18:45

The last bus to Nagano departs from Ogizawa at 17:00.