TATEYAMA KUROBE ALPINE ROUTE Safety & Security guidelines ~立山黒部アルペンルート 安心・安全ガイドライン~

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route will operate according to the following guidelines from 15th April 2022 for the time being.
The latest information will be posted on the Web site.


①Measures to prevent infection
・We will reduce the seating capacity of each vehicle and operate the transportation in order to avoid “crowding”.
・When the number of vehicles exceeds the capacity, it may take some time to board due to the limited number of passengers.
・If we stop selling tickets on the day due to boarding restrictions, we will inform you on the Web site.
・We will shorten business hours and reduce the number of flights for each transportations.
* Please refer to the timetable of each station.


②Requests to customers to prevent the spread of infection
・Not available for people with a cold symptom, strong fatigue, or suffocation.
・Please wear a mask, wash your hands and disinfect before entering.
・When you stand in line at the ticket office or ticket gate, please leave enough space.
・If you come as a group, the representative should purchase tickets all together.
・At the ticket gate, please place the ticket in front of automatic ticket gate one by one.


③Our response to prevent the spread of infection
・Disinfect and clean the inside of each transportations and station building thoroughly.
・Employees wear masks, measure body temperature, and sterilize hands and fingers thoroughly.
・For each transportations, open the windows and take ventilation.
・We also take regular measures such as disinfection at rest houses, rest areas, souvenir
shops and each ticket machines.