Measures for COVID-19 ~COVID-19対策について~

Dear customers
On the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, the spectacular nature is waiting for you!
Refresh your mind and body with fresh air and clear water.
We also take the following measures to prevent COVID-19.
Please come to magnificent mountain sightseeing spot that connect Toyama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture with confidence!


①Station staffs and crews wear face mask.
②We regularly disinfect each vehicle with alcohol.
③Employees thoroughly wash hands and gargle, check their health before starting work and measure body temperature.
④Each vehicle is regularly ventilated to ensure the most comfortable operation possible.


Request to customers
Please do not use if you have a cold symptom, fever, strong drowsiness, or breathlessness.
Please cooperate with etiquette for hand washing, wearing a face mask and coughing.