【Nov. 4 to Nov. 30】 Sale of WEB Ticket Reservation (Normal Fare)

Thank you for traveling with us! Winter is coming early on Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

WEB Ticket Reservation for early winter season will be available at 4pm on October 20. Please see the sales details below.


WEB Ticket Reservation Details

  1. Sales period and departure dates

Sales period: 4pm on October 20 to 3pm on November 29

Departure dates: November 4 to November 30


2. Traveling sections

【One way】
・Ogizawa ⇒ Murodo (one way)

・Ogizawa ⇒ Kurobe Dam (one way)


【Round trip】
・Ogizawa ⇔ Murodo (round trip)

・Ogizawa ⇔ Daikanbo (round trip)

・Ogizawa ⇔ Kurobedaira (round trip)

・Ogizawa ⇔ Kurobe Dam (round trip)


*After November 4, snowfall may affect operation of transportation, so we sell WEB Tickets only for the traveling sections listed.

*At ticket counters, we will sell tickets for all sections, however, depending on the weather condition and operation status, we may limit traveling sections.



3. Fare

Standard fares for designated sections will be applied to this WEB ticket and option ticket.

Fares for individual customers (1-14 people)


4. Others

The timetable is different after November 4, so please have a look.

【Depart from Dentetsu Toyama・Tateyama Sta.】Nov.4 to Nov.30 2023 Timetable

【Depart from Nagano Sta. East Exit・Shinano Omachi Sta.・Ogizawa】Nov.4 to Nov.30 2023 Timetable


How to purchase option tickets for express and local buses

<WEB ticket> How to change or cancel your reservation

<WEB ticket> How we handle WEB tickets in case of suspention between Nagano and Dentetsu Toyama



Have an easy, convenient trip with WEB ticket reservation.

We look forward to your booking! WEB ticket page



Play with snow in Murodo (2,450m) in November