【WEB Tickets】Notice of Additional Sale of WEB Tickets from Tateyama Sta. on July 17, July 22, & July 29 【WEBきっぷ】立山ケーブルカー臨時便の発売について

Based on recent bookings, we will start selling additional WEB tickets from Tateyama Sta. for the following dates, July 17, 22, and 29, starting on July 14. We look forward to your booking!


Dates of extra “WEB Ticket” sold for:

July 17 , July 22 , and July 29


Departure time:

Tateyama Station 7:10am, 7:30am, and 8:10am Total 3 departures


Start of sales:

Start selling from  July 14 (FRI), 1:00 p.m.


Click here for the WEB Ticket sales site

Note1: Please note that additional slots will be open only after the sale date at 1pm on July 14.

Note2: Dear travel agencies, please refrain from booking for groups.

Note3: We may contact you if needed, e.g. multiple bookings.