Access from Toyama Airport/Station & Shinano Omachi Station & Nagano Station

From Toyama Airport

Travel from Toyama Airport to Toyama Station takes just 25 minutes by local bus.

See Toyama Airport website.

Bus Timetable (Japanese) Toyama Airport ⇔ Toyama Station

From Toyama Station

Tateyama Sta is 1 hr from Dentetsu Toyama Station on the Toyama Chiho Railroad.
Dentetsu Toyama Station and JR Toyama Station are in separate buildings and there is a 5 minute walk between them.

See also How to Buy a Ticket.

From Shinano Omachi Station

To ride the local bus to Ogizawa from Shinano Omachi Sta, use the bus stop to the left of the station exit.

  • Tickets for buses to Ogizawa Station can be bought at the bus ticket sales counter.
    * Tickets for the Alpine Route can be bought at the Ogizawa Station.
  • From the boarding point, it takes 40 minutes to reach Ogizawa Station (terminal station), which is the entry point to the Alpine Route.
  • Pamphlets in multi-languages are available at Tourist Information Center (inside the station) and Accommodation Guide (Omachi City Association of Ryokans).
  • Baggage delivery service is available at the Alps Roman-kan.
    (A baggage delivery service is available from the gift shop to the right of the exit)

See also Map of Stations.

From Nagano Station

Express bus Nagano Sta.-Ogizawa Sta. fares & timetable

Please purchase tickets on the bus. Have change ready.
Nagano Station-Ogizawa Station express bus timetable

Nagano station express bus stop

The baggage delivery service might take some time.
The baggage delivery service desk is about 5-10 minutes away from the bus stop.

Boarding platform bus stop number 25