Concerning April 15th–April 25th Congestion   4/15~4/25の混雑状況について

We expect a large number of guests for the Snow Wall Walk starting from the opening of all lines on April 15th and continuing through Golden Week.

From April 15th–April 25th, in particular, we expect quite a bit of congestion both when buying tickets and boarding vehicles for entering the mountain from both the Toyama and Omachi sides. We ask that all those who are planning to take part in this event during these times to please be aware that this may cause large delays in the scheduled itinerary. Also, please be aware that there is a limit to the number of “Same Day Round Trip Tickets” to be sold.

* Please be aware that, during the above time period, we expect to have to place limitations on ticket sales quite early.

* In the event that we limit ticket sales, we will notify you through our website.

* For guests who purchased tickets ahead through JR or travel agencies, please be aware of the schedules for all connecting vehicles.