Time Schedule

For people visiting the Alpine Route

Plan a schedule!

For people considering a visit to the Alpine Route.
When you enter a date and start time a guideline schedule will be generated. Please use it to help plan your trip.

  • ※Your schedule will be calculated according to the timetable. (However as departure times are subject to change in the tourist season, please also check the travel information when you arrive)
  • ※Please select one of the following destinations; Midagahara, Murodo or Kurobe Dam. (Other points are not currently supported.)
  • ※From April 10-14 the route is partially open beteween Tateyama Station and Midagahara.
    Destinations other than Midagahara cannot be selected.
    Please note that it is also not possible to select a start/finish point on the Nagano side.
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    ※() The letters in parenteses represent expected congestion levels. Click here for details.

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