【November】Entering From Ogizawa Is Recommended

In November, please be aware that operation of Tateyama Highland Bus (running between Bijodaira and Murodo) may be suspended or delayed due to bad weather such as snowfall and high winds. If you are planning to visit the Alpine Route in November, please check our website or ask local station staff about operation status prior to your departure.

If you are going to Murodo to play with new snow in November, we recommend you enter the Alpine Route from Ogizawa (Nagano side). Hardly any of the vehicles running between Ogizawa and Murodo get affected by heavy snow, so it is safer to come from Ogizawa side. If Tateyama Highland Bus was suspended, you could not pass through the Alpine Route, but you could come up to Murodo and go back to Ogizawa.


Detour if Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is impassible.



*Please be aware that we have the winter timetable from November 4th.
<Timetable from November 4th onward>
(Toyama Side) Dentetsu Toyama to Shinano Omachi
(Nagano Side) Shinano Omachi to Dentetsu Toyama


In case of round trip from Shinano Omachi/Ogizawa to Murodo, please depart from Shinano Omachi by 11:35am or earlier from November 4th onward.

<Shinano Omachi to Murodo> Depart from Shinano Omachi at 11:35am → Arrive at Ogizawa at 12:15pm / Depart from Ogizawa at 12:30pm → Arrive at Murodo at 2:25pm

<Murodo to Shinano Omachi> Depart from Murodo at 3:30pm → Arrive at Ogizawa at 4:51pm / Depart from Ogizawa at 5:05pm → Arrive at Shinano Omachi at 5:40pm


【 WEB Tickets for November 4th onward】

Due to possible snowfall, we limit the type of WEB Tickets sold online for November 4th onward.

However, if all vehicles operate normally, we will sell all types of tickets at the ticket counters both at Ogizawa and Tateyamaeki.

(Coming from Tateyamaeki) Please purchase day tickets at the ticket counter at Tateyamaeki.

(One-way trip from Ogizawa to Tateyamaeki) You can purchase day tickets at Ogizawa. You can also purchase WEB tickets for the section between Ogizawa and Murodo, and when you arrive at Murodo, purchase the rest of the tickets.


 What to Do & See in Murodo in November 】

<Must do> Take pictures on the field of snow

Nov (3)Nov (2)

<Must see> MOST POPULAR Mikurigaike Pond (15 minutes on foot)                                                        <Must do> Build your own snowman


We look forward to having you in our Snow Wonderland! Have a safe travel, everyone!