Please note when it is possible to purchase the JR Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket, to be used that day. ~JR立山黒部オプションきっぷ~

〇At Toyama Station and Kanazawa Station
A great deal of crowding is expected from April 15 to 25, 2017.
Those coming from the Toyama area need to take the train from Dentetsu-Toyama Station no later than 10 a.m. in order to make the last connection and arrive at Nagano Station that same day.
The JR Toyama and Kanazawa Station ticket windows will also be very busy. We recommend buying option tickets at least one day prior to travel.


〇At Nagano Station
Sales for that day’s JR Nagano Station – Travel Service Center ticket begin at 10 AM. Customers that will use JR Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket that day cannot use the limited expresses buses that depart from the east entrance of JR Nagano Station at 8:15 or 9:00 AM. Please use the limited express bus for the east entrance of JR Nagano Station that departs at 10:30 AM.

Furthermore, many customers are coming and going during the duration of the Snow Wall. We think it to be particularly crowded from 4.15-4.25. For customers who have made travel plans, please assume that this will affect your itinerary and give yourself plenty of extra time.

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当日のJR長野駅のTravel Service Centerのきっぷの販売は10時から開始となります。JR立山黒部オプションきっぷを当日利用のお客様は、JR長野駅東口8:15出発および  9:00出発の特急バスはご利用いただけません。JR長野駅東口10:30出発の特急バスをご利用くださいますようお願いいたします。

尚、Snow Wallの期間中は多くのお客様がお越しになり、特に4/15~4/25の期間中は大変な混雑が予想されます。ご旅行を計画されているお客様は、行程に大きな影響がでることも想定されますので、十分ご注意願います。