WEB Tickets Available on March 30th

Thank you for traveling with Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. We will be selling web tickets at 1pm on March 30th.

WEB ticket service is very convenient. You do not have to wait in a long line anymore. You can reserve your preferred boarding time and issue your ticket from a ticket machine easily.


◎WEB ticket details

1) Sales period and date of use


Sales period: From 1pm on March 30 to 2:59pm on June 29th.

Date of use: April 15 to June 30


We will notice the sales periods for summer and fall once we know the details.


2) Section

・【WEB tickets】Section


3) Fares

Normal fares will be applied to WEB tickets.


4) Others

・【WEB tickets】Changes and Cancellation

・【WEB tickets】In Case of Suspension of Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (Nagano – Dentetsu Toyama)



Click here for WEB tickets page