【Sep. 1 to Nov. 4】 Sales of Autumn Early Bird Discount 10

Thank you for traveling with us!


We will sell discount tickets “Autumn Early Bird Discount 10” for a limited period from Sep 1 to Nov 4 for a discount on fares on selected segments.


Please see the details as below.


Details for Autumn Early Bird Discount 10

  1. What is Autumn Early Bird Discount 10?

You can purchase tickets (designated sections) at a special price.

New booking and cancellation can be made by 10 days prior to your departure. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


2. Sales Period and Departure Dates

Sales Period: 10am on July 1 to 3pm on October 25

Departure Dates: September 1 to November 4

<Caution> Booking can be made by 3pm, 10 days prior to your departure date.


3. Traveling Sections and Fare

Only sections listed below will be on sale for this item.

From Ogizawa

① <Ogizawa to Tateyama Station (one way)>

Adult: 10,940JPY    9,800JPY

Child:   5,480JPY    4,900JPY

② <Ogizawa to Dentetsu Toyama (one way)>

Adult: 12,170JPY   10,970JPY

Child:   6,100JPY    5,490JPY

③ <Ogizawa to Murodo (round trip)>

Adult: 12,300JPY    11,200JPY

Child:    6,150JPY     5,600JPY


From Tateyama Station

④ <Tateyama Station to Ogizawa (one way)>

Adult: 10,940JPY   9,800JPY

Child:   5,480JPY    4,900JPY

⑤ <Dentetsu Toyama to Ogizawa (one way)>

Adult: 12,170JPY   10,970JPY

Child:   6,100JPY    5,490JPY

⑥ <Tateyama Station to Kurobeko (round trip)>

Adult: 16,480JPY  14,800JPY

Child:   8,240JPY    7,400JPY

⑦ <Dentetsu Toyama to Kurobeko (round trip)>

Adult: 18,940JPY  17,140JPY

Child:    9,480JPY  8,580JPY

For sections from ① to ⑤,

You can purchase option tickets for express bus (Ogizawa to Nagano) and local bus (Ogizawa to Shinano Omachi).

Please purchase this option ticket with an Autumn Early Bird Discount 10 ticket.


4. How to Purchase

This discount ticket can be purchased only on WEB ticket page.

*This cannot be purchased at a ticket counter.


5. <Important> Cancellation policy

If you cancel after 3pm, 10 days before your departure day, cancellation fee of 1,000JPY will be applied. 

<E.g.> If you purchased an Autumn Early Bird Discount 10 ticket for September 1,

(1) No cancellation fee if you canceled by 3pm on August 22.

(2) 1,000JPY if you canceled after 3pm on August 22.


6. Others

Both one-way and round-trip tickets (Dentetsu Toyama-Tateyama Station-Ogizawa) are valid for 5 days.

Due to a discount ticket, we cannot accept customer request for changing traveling sections at a ticket counter.

WEB ticket reservation for normal fare and other sections, please see the details here.

Standard WEB Ticket Reservation  【Jul. 1 to Nov. 4】 Sales of WEB Ticket Reservation (Normal Fare)