【Residents of Japan Only】Sales of “Toro Ticket”

Thank you for traveling with us!


As you may know, Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus is the only trolley bus left that still runs in Japan.

However, this year, 2024 will be the final year of operation for the Trolley Bus.

We would like to celebrate for this special year by selling special discount tickets called “Toro Ticket” valid from June 1st to the 30th.

“Toro” comes from Trolley Bus.

If you live in Japan (the registered address for WEB Ticket has to be in Japan), you can purchase this ticket.

Please check the details as below.


◎ Details of Toro Ticket

1.What’s “Toro Ticket”?

Toro Ticket is a discount ticket for designated period, traveling sections and time. **The number of tickets is limited.**

As an option, you can also pre-purchase “Torotetsudon Bowl“, which is a seasonal meal at the restaurant.

*This item is only for residents of Japan (either Japanese or non-Japanese) and available only on the WEB Ticket page.

*The number of the tickets is limited and no additional sale planned.


2.Sales Period, Usage Period, and Departure Time

Sales Period: 10:00am on May 21 to 3:00pm on June 29th

Usage Period: June 1st to June 30th

Departure Time: Depart from Tateyama Station  9:20, 10:00, 10:40, 11:20

Depart from Ogizawa          9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30

*Only 8 departures as above are available for this item.


3.Traveling Sections and Fare

Only 2 traveling sections are on sale from June 1st to June 30th.


●Depart from Toyama Side (Tateyama Station)

①〔 Tateyama Station  ⇔  Daikanbo(Round-trip)〕

Adult: 11,340JPY  →    10,600JPY

Child:    5,670JPY  →    5,300JPY


●Depart from Nagano Side (Ogizawa)

②〔 Ogizawa ⇔ Murodo(Round-trip)〕

Adult: 12,300JPY →    10,600JPY

Child:     5,480JPY  →       5,300JPY


*Train ticket for Dentetsu Toyama-Tateyama and bus ticket for Ogizawa-Nagano or Ogizawa-Shinano Omachi can be purchased on site.


4.Purchase Benefit

You can pre-purchase “Torotetsudon Bowl” served at Restaurant Tateyama for a special price.

Please add on this item when you make a booking.


\ Torotetsudon Bowl /

Where: Restaurant Tateyama (2nd floor of Murodo Terminal)

Time: 10:00-14:00 (Last call: 13:30)


Standard Price 2,450JPY ⇒ Special Price 2,200JPY


For your reference:

Toro: Tororo or pounded yam, also means Trolley Bus

Tetsu: Tuna, also means railway or train


5.How to Purchase

Available only on “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route WEB Ticket”


6.Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fee of 1,000JPY will be applied if you cancelled after 3:00pm the day before departure.

For example, if you purchased a Toro Ticket for June 1st…

(1) No cancellation fee will be applied if cancelled by 3pm, May 31st.

(2) 1,000JPY of cancellation fee will be applied if cancelled after 3pm, May 31st.



-Tickets are valid for 5 days.

-This is a discount ticket, so we cannot accept customer request for changing traveling sections at a ticket counter.

-Standard WEB Tickets or tickets for other travelig sections are on sale on WEB Ticket page. “Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route WEB Ticket”


We look forward to your booking!


**To fully enjoy the final ride of Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus, we will hold some exciting events! Click here for details (Japanese only).**