Transport on the Alpine Route: Overview

Things to note when taking the train / bus

Please note that transport may be suspended or delayed due to the weather or vehicle breakdown. In particular, highland bus services may be suspended in November in case of heavy snowfall.
During peak periods, the boarding time may be changed sometimes. Please adhere to the timing in such cases.

From Tateyama Station to Daikanbo

Restaurant TATEYAMA4/15 - 11/30

  • Fried White Shrimp on Rice Set Meal

    1,750 yen

  • Fried White Shrimp with Himi Udon Noodle (HOT)

    1,750 yen

  • “Alpine”Curry

    1,400 yen

※We have a Malaysian Curry for Musslims.

Japanese Restaurant DAINICHI4/15 - 10/31


    1,700 yen

  • Midagahara “YAKIBUTADON”

    1,800 yen

  • Deepfried white shrimp Set Meal

    1,800 yen

Here is the menu for our customers

From Kurobedaira to Ogizawa

Restaurant KUROBEDAIRA4/15 - 11/23

  • Kurobe Genryu Set Meal

    1,650 yen

  • Gapao Rice

    1,050 yen

  • Fried Pork Curry

    1,350 yen

Kurobe Dam Rest House Lunch4/15 - 11/30

  • Kurobe Dam Curry

    1,080 yen

  • Arch Dam Cutlet Curry

    1,240 yen

  • Arch Dam Cutlet Curry

    930 yen

Ogizawa Rest House Lunch4/15 - 11/30

  • Arch Dam Cutlet Curry

    1,240 yen

  • Arch Dam Curry

    880 yen

  • Sanzokuyaki(chiken) Ramen noodle

    1,130 yen

Here is the menu for our customers

The Alpine Route has two entrances, one starting from Tateyama Station, another from Ogizawa. Tateyama Station, located in Toyama Prefecture, is the entrance from the West, while Ogizawa Station, located in Nagano Prefecture, provides a similar function for passengers coming from the East.