【Jul. 1 to Nov. 4】 Sales of WEB Ticket Reservation (Normal Fare)

Thank you for traveling with us!


WEB Ticket Reservation for summer and autumn will be available at 3pm on May 31.

Every passenger needs to reserve Tateyama Cable Car departure time (from Tateyamaeki) or Kanden Tunnel Electric Bus departure time (from Ogizawa).

If you purchase a WEB Ticket, you can reserve departure time as well. It is very convenient and easy!

You can also add on option tickets for local bus and express bus tickets with Alpine Route tickets.


WEB Ticket Reservation Details

1.Sales Period and Departure Dates



*Sales schedule for November 5 onwards will be announced when we have details, so stay tuned!


2. Traveling Sections

WEB Ticket Reservation Traveling Sections


3. Fare

Normal fare will be applied to this WEB ticket and option ticket.

Fares for individual customers (1-14 people)


4. How to Purchase

This ticket can be purchased only on WEB Ticket Page.

*Cannot be purchased at a ticket counter.


5. Others

How to purchase option tickets for express and local buses

<WEB Ticket> How to change or cancel your reservation

<WEB Ticket> How we handle WEB tickets in case of suspention between Nagano and Dentetsu Toyama


Discount tickets for designated sections, “Summer Early Bird Discount 10” will be sold for May 1 to August 21.

Details Summer Early Bird Discount 10


*WEB Tickets are for individual customers, so please refrain from making reservations through travel agencies.


Have an easy, convenient trip with WEB Tickets!

We look forward to your booking! WEB Ticket page


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