Plants on Tateyama

Flowers (Subalpine Zone)

These unique plants are found in this niche highland habitat. When they bloom they produce distinctive colorful flowers. You can see them around Midagahara, Kurobe Dam and Kurobedaira.

Asian Skunk Cabbage (June)

This white flowering plant only grows in clean, flowing water and blooms during snowmelt.

Daylily (July-August)

This flower is a type of lily that blooms in the morning painting the highlands yellow before closing in the evening. Different flowers bloom each day.

Cottongrass (June-August)

The cotton from this grass turns the wetlands white during summer.

Flowers (Alpine Zone)

Defined by an altitude of over 2500 m, the alpine zone has thin air with decreased oxygen levels and strong sunshine. These hardy plants are able to survive these severe conditions. You can see these plants mainly in the Murodo area.

Chocolate lily (June-July)

This is a unique lily whose dark purple flowers bloom downwards. This flower has many folklores associated with it. It is said that if you send this flower to someone you love and they accept the gift, then your relationship will also bloom!

Aleutian Avens (June-August)

These pretty white 2cm flowers only bloom on high mountains.

Aleutian Mountain Heath (July-August)

The Japanese name “Sakura” suggests cherry blossoms, but this low shrub grows at high altitudes and blooms small pot shaped flowers.

Deer Cabbage (July-August)

This plant grows only in highland areas with heavy snowfall. The pretty white flowers reach up to the sky and its leaves are uniquely shaped.

Japanese Gentian (July-September)

This plant’s 2cm violet blooms signal the end of the Alpine flower season.


Evergreen trees such as Tateyama Cedars look plainer than broad leaved trees but some produce beautiful flowers

Tateyama Cedar

The shape of Tateyama Cedars allows them to shed snow and remain strong under heavy snowfall.

Japanese stone pine

At only 1-2 meters tall this evergreen tree spreads its branches over a wider area. Ptarmigans are often seen nesting in these trees.


Another low growing evergreen tree reaching 2-4 meters. The pink flowers produce a beautiful contrast to the vivid green leaves.

Trees (Deciduous)

Japanese Rowan

This plant’s name comes from its wood’s resistance to fire. Small white flowers bloom in summer and red berries match the red leaves in autumn.

Japanese Beech

This is a tall tree with grey patterned bark. The leaves change color from green in the summer to red and yellow in the fall. Because they absorb and store a lot of water, Japanese beech trees are a symbol for Japanese environmental protection. The virgin forest of these trees is found in Bijodaira.

Erman’s Birch

This tree grows only in highland areas. It has grey bark and its leaves turn a vivid yellow in autumn before falling.