Snow Wall Walk 2018,Apr.15th – Jun.22nd ~雪の大谷ウォーク2018~


Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route 2018
Full route opening period :Apr 15th – Nov 30th


Snow Wall Walk 2018
■Opening period
From Apr. 15th to Jun. 22nd (Fee: FREE)

■Opening hours
9:30am-3:15pm (visitors must enter by 3:00pm)


●You must wear winter clothes during the events. We often have very snowy days and the maximum temperature will be less than 10℃(50℉)
●Bring sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned!
●Wearing trekking shoes or snow boots is a great way to help you walk around the Snow Wall area.
●Recommended goods… Gloves, heat pads, scarves, ear flaps, knitted hats, and other wear!

●You can not use the drone in the event area.



全線開通期間 4月15日~11月30日

■開催期間 2018年4月15日~6月22日(入場無料)

■開催時間  9:30~15:15(入場15:00まで)